Clevedon YMCA offers one to one mentoring to young people in Clevedon aged 11 to 19 years.  To access the mentoring service please contact Laila on [email protected]

The idea of the mentoring service is to offer support alongside the young person.  Maybe they are having a hard time about something in particular or just feel down or lost.  In mentoring there will be a chance to build trust, talk about things or not talk about things, try out some different activities and work towards improving day to day living.

Our mentoring is free.  Occasionally we charge schools when they ask us to provide a young person with more than one meeting a week.  We never charge individuals.

You can refer yourself or your child directly to the YMCA for mentoring.  We will try to start offering a service as soon as possible after meeting you.  We don’t usually have a long waiting list.  All of our staff are trained and fully vetted.

Clevedon YMCA takes part in Transforming Lives for Good mentoring scheme as well as offering independent mentoring.  We are grateful to the Quartet Foundation and Groundwork (Tesco) who have assisted in the financial support to cover the costs of mentoring young people in Clevedon.