Please Donate Now to Help Clevedon YMCA

Clevedon YMCA is an independent part of the International YMCA movement.  We have been active in Clevedon since the 1874, particularly during World War I.  The current building was built and dedicated in 1929 with the funds raised by public subscription.

In 2019 we celebrated the 90th Anniversary of our current building on Marson Road. In 2020 we are facing an unprecedented crisis for this generation.  The young people and the vulnerable adults who we support need our help more than ever as they face ‘normal’ life being curtailed and for some seemingly endless months of isolation.

It costs less than £100,000 a year to keep Clevedon YMCA ticking over.  This includes everything we do – free youth clubs five days a week, mental health support and mentoring together with our Y Wednesday Club.

We try as much as possible to offer paid work to young people and take any opportunities offered to us to help young people as they start out through their working lives.

Please help us to continue this good work by making a donation today, or by organising a fundraising activity for Clevedon YMCA.

You can donate directly into our account at the HSBC bank on the Triangle in Clevedon.

To make a donation to help with our day to day running costs please make your donation to ‘Clevedon YMCA’ Sort Code 401750 Account No. 91309692. 


Financial Support

During the financial year 2018-2019 Clevedon YMCA received grant funding and other financial support from:

Clevedon Town Council
Somerset Coast YMCA
The Quartet Foundation Express Fund
The Portishead Nautical Trust
Bristol Airport Diamond Jubilee Fund
South West YMCA Trust Fund

The Tampon Tax Fund

Tesco Bags of Help

North Somerset Community Partnership

And donations from:

St Andrews Church

Clevedon Lions Club

So far in 2019-2020 we have received funding from:

YMCA Dulverton Group (previously Somerset Coast)

Clevedon Town Council

YMCA Movement Trust Fund

Clevedon Lions Club

The Quartet Foundation Express Fund

The Police and Crime Commissioner’s Action Fund

Churches Together in Clevedon

The Portishead Nautical Trust

St Andrews Church

and generous donations from individual members of the local community

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